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For some reason , It seems I was able to log back onto this place , howerver I have already moved to another place , which is here : http://hoshikudaki.lagrange-points.net/
I don’t doubt people will keep continuing commenting on certain bleach an naruto post , saying stuff despite the fact that those post are almost 2 years old. ah well.


Unknown Orchestra LIVE

And before i forget , Here is a video of Unknown Orchestra by UVERworld performing live at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN.

Credit goes to ASHIKASAN for uploading this video .

TAKUYA∞ forever !!!


Bosco Adventure – ボスコ アドベンチャ

Thanks to some individuals today , I remembered about a show I have long forgotten , yet my heart still remembers it . It’s one of my first anime series , I believe I was watching it around the age of 3 or 4 . That’s why I don’t remember much of it , expect maybe that Apricot may well have been my first love . The rest I remember would be the frog , who scared me ( see , now that is funny that a frog scared me when hoodman would be the more logical scariest thing in the show..) and the weird turtle shaped ship they traveled on.

I would write a synopsis but since i don’t remember much if anything at all , here is

sum delicious wiki link.

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toward our future


Today aired the last episode of the epic saga , TOWARD THE TERRA (TV)

Adapted from the award winning manga by Keiko Takemiya , Toward the terra(TV)  tells the story of the war between two race who longs for the planet they once destroyed , earth . The setting is in distant future , after having polluted the earth at an extreme level , the humans have decided to leave it so that it could heal , while only few selected being would have been able to set foot on it .  However , deep in the reaches of space , a new race of humans endows with psychic abilities  is born , they are called the MU . Because of their differences , humans starts persecuting them while all the MU wants is to return to Terra. And so begins the war of the Mu vs the Humans . The story follows the path of two men , Jomy Marcus Shin , leader of the MU and Keith Anyan , a Human elite who will do everything he can to get rid of the MU.

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Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations – The trailer

I just happened to found this trailer on youtube , i don’t know when it came out , looks pretty recent .

It’s going to be a 3 OVA story , so i expect them to cover the complete Tokyo Arc , which mean …KAMUI and SUBARU !!!! F’ckin’ YEAH!!!

Yes , even though I don’t like the Tsubasa anime , I am really looking forward to that part as we get to see most of the old gang from X and..the badass fight of Syaoran vs Syaoran should not be missed !

Only two month to go for the first DVD to come out !


And so it ended , Suzuka : 2004 – 2007

That’s right , As of the latest issue of Shonen Magazine , 3 years later , Suzuka , which ran from the 3rd March 2004 to the 21th September 2007 finally reached an end.


For those who have only seen the anime , it may have ended a long time ago , but for those who followed the manga it was quite a run .

Suzuka , tells the story of a young boy named Yamato Akitsuki and a girl named Asahina Suzuka ( pretty original right?) , Akitsuki Yamato decided to go to Tokyo to pursues his studies , there it is arranged that he will lodge at his aunt Apartment complex. However before going there , he drops by his new school and that’s where he will meet Suzuka . The young Yamato is then struck by what they call love at first sight. And what greater odds for him , she happens to live in the apartments next door .

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The joys of being internet less ;_;

so , Once again, there haven’t been updates for quite some weeks , but this time , there is a good reason for that , it’s not that I was lazy , not at all , it’s just that my ISP screwed up at lot concerning giving me internet at H2 ( if you don’t know what H2 means , it’s not important . ) , So , basically , ever since my last update , I was cut away , from Internet ;_; . It just arrived yesterday.

And it’s incredible how much can happen in just two weeks , my new image host , had the time to go down , lose all my uploaded images files , fuse with some other host , and come back again . Sad thing is i don’t know if i kept any of the pictures , and knowing me the way I do , I am pretty much sure they all vanished somewhere on the interweb …in the mean time i guess.

It’s going to have to wait until I get my other computer back from H1 .

So , because I feel like it , here is 3 of my favorite tracks from the “Toward the Terra” Soundtrack .

Aoi Hoshi
[Audio http://uploadingit.com/files/45028_74z1g/057%20Aoi%20Hoshi.mp3%5D

Shiroki Kuuro
[Audio http://uploadingit.com/files/45032_fvyp8/401%20Shiroki%20Kuuro.mp3%5D

[Audio http://uploadingit.com/files/45033_i1ycn/427%20Terra%20he.._.mp3] .

Also , there is a new theme out , i may change of theme again…

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