naruto – the end of the fillers ?

hum , it was over the web for quite some times now , the announcement that Kakashi Gaiden was close..but..is it ? frankly , i have no damn clue . Episode 182 title is : Saikai, Nokosareta Jikan .
Some hours ago it was translated by : Meeting again, it’s time to leave. thus making fans hope that the fillers would end since it can make one think naruto is finally leaving to train with jiraya for a 3 years period .
however , the title translation just changed over ANN for : Reunion, The leftover time…..can make one wonder….and..wonder…and wonder again…. but next to the title it’s says “The last filler (unconfirmed) ” @_@ , makes you wonder again

to be continued….


1 Response to “naruto – the end of the fillers ?”

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