toward our future


Today aired the last episode of the epic saga , TOWARD THE TERRA (TV)

Adapted from the award winning manga by Keiko Takemiya , Toward the terra(TV)  tells the story of the war between two race who longs for the planet they once destroyed , earth . The setting is in distant future , after having polluted the earth at an extreme level , the humans have decided to leave it so that it could heal , while only few selected being would have been able to set foot on it .  However , deep in the reaches of space , a new race of humans endows with psychic abilities  is born , they are called the MU . Because of their differences , humans starts persecuting them while all the MU wants is to return to Terra. And so begins the war of the Mu vs the Humans . The story follows the path of two men , Jomy Marcus Shin , leader of the MU and Keith Anyan , a Human elite who will do everything he can to get rid of the MU.

while , the TV series retained the plot line and many elements from the original manga , it took another approach at re-telling the story , so what you get is new character design and no copy-pasta of what already existed and you don’t feel like watching fillers unlike the typical shonen anime ( Bleach , naruto . ) , but then again you’d have to have read the original manga to say what’s filler or what isn’t.

Another major point the TV series has but this time compared to the movie would the character development which the movie cruelly lacked.

The soundtrack is marvelously arranged ..and I don’t know what to say anymore…except that it’s one of the MUST-SEE of the year .

Thankfully  Bandai ent licensed it , so we should expect DVD releases by 20098 .



I’ll write more later when I’ll remember what to write . As for why I post this when it could be in a draft ? just because knowing me the way I do , I may never go and continue writing on it , and it would end up dying in my cemetery of draft. …yea..I got a lot of draft of post I was writing , but never got to publish in the end.


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