Bosco Adventure – ボスコ アドベンチャ

Thanks to some individuals today , I remembered about a show I have long forgotten , yet my heart still remembers it . It’s one of my first anime series , I believe I was watching it around the age of 3 or 4 . That’s why I don’t remember much of it , expect maybe that Apricot may well have been my first love . The rest I remember would be the frog , who scared me ( see , now that is funny that a frog scared me when hoodman would be the more logical scariest thing in the show..) and the weird turtle shaped ship they traveled on.

I would write a synopsis but since i don’t remember much if anything at all , here is

sum delicious wiki link.

Anyway , here is the opening animation.

But anyway , so after seeing the what the individuals poster , I began my quest for finding the full version of that song ….which I did .

So , if like me , you longed for this song long time ago , but are un-able to find it , look no further for i post it here :

Tokimeki wa Forever (ときめきはForever)
[Audio http://uploadingit.com/files/73275_2n36v/Bosco_Adventure_-_Tokimeki_wa_Forever.mp3%5D

All the pictures , and sounds from this post where found on this website : Bosco Fan Webpage . You may found episodes ( raw and unsubbed ) at the same place.

I may regularly ( what’s regularity with me ? O_o ) a post about oldies anime+music. Until then , Savor Sum pics of Apricot !


Apricot 1.jpg   

Imagen 2.jpg

 Imagen 7.jpg



1 Response to “Bosco Adventure – ボスコ アドベンチャ”

  1. 1 bosco
    February 19, 2008 at 11:04 am

    in the video cuts section you will find some episodes.

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