About me ?

Well , I don’t have much to say about me , I’m just the regular average guy . Except I watch too much Anime , have too much Manga . I’ve been studying in Biology , but I’m switching for Computer Engineering . I’m going on my 20 (;_; ) and as far as I remember , I have been watching anime since i was 3 .

Oh yeah , I’ve seen all kind of anime . From Shoujo to Shounen , Yuri to Hentai . I guess you can say I’ve seen all Genres expect Yaoi and Shounen-Ai . Unless Saiyuki and X counts . Wait , I guess Tokyo Babylon falls under Shounen-Ai .

I Listen to a lot of music , all kind of Music genre ( yes even classic ) , but mostly Anime/games ( basically Japaneses ) Music .

I also am one of those who believes Oldies Anime are far better then modern anime . So it goes without saying that Being the Gundam fan i am , i think that the Universal Century pwn everything else .
I also prefer reading mangas over watching anime . And so , when i read a manga , i rarely will watch it’s anime adaptation . I say rarely because there have been some exceptions .

As for my mangas , well i have about over 500, at least the last time i counted it was 512( in April ) and this number grows each month as I can buy 10 manga a month .

I buy all my Mangas in french . why ?

for may reasons .

1) My father working for some secret organization i cannot reveal otherwise i would have to kill you all , I lived in many different countries all having French for principal language , So , the first mangas i bought (Dragon Ball ) where in French . So i continued buying in French..and i still do .

2 ) France is the second country consuming the most anime and manga after Japan , so..yeh. That means we ( we as in the people who buy manga in French ) most of the time got Manga way before you , like Ai Yori Aoshi for example , I completed my collection last year , tome 17 has yet to be published in the States . But it doesn’t mean it’s like that for every manga , for example France only recently acquired Death Note .

3 ) the censorship . Manga published in the states tends to have censorship , for exemple the tits editing in I”s , or the lip reduction of Chocolove in Shaman king ( i mean..WTF !! ) , and i probably am missing more .

4 ) The translation . I don’t say that French translators are better , I don’t know that and I’m pretty sure they aren’t better or anything , but there is something TokyoPop did that i cannot forgive . It’s the fact that they Made Rondoh Gina a female when he was a male . And i know it’s not the only error they made .

5 ) The most crucial point of all : the price ! A manga published in the states will usually cost $CA13.95 . While price for manga imported from france will start at $CA11.95 . And if bought in France , it will cost $CA9.95 . I believe you see my point .

and now..some useless things about my music , anime , stats , etc . :
I love this kind of useless “my xxx ” things .

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