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welcome to the Wannabe anime and manga Blog Rant of the Moon.

If you are here , I do not know how you got here, but apparently you are reading theses lines. So..here is a little about.

I started blogging around September 2005 ( if you call that blogging ) . Back then i used to post my AMV’s on Blogger because i was too lazy to make an actual website ( there also is the fact that i don’t know how to ) . Then i eventually almost started to anime blog..but being too much lazy , and also with the lack of option given by Blogger , i did not update often .That is why this is called “the Wannabe anime and manga blog” , because i’m a wannabe blogger .

As for the reason i started to do this was pretty much because i was bored .

Also because i am lazy , i am totally going to rip-off what i wrote in my introduction post of my old anime blog ( all Hail laziness !)

I just realized yesterday (Sunday , February the 26th of 2006) that the Japanese culture is everywhere on the net. Wait, I really am far from criticizing , because I’m myself not too far from being a true otaku.
In that case, what did I meant? Well frankly, i dun’t have a clue. right now , i’m writing all this out of boredom. In any case , the fact is that i realized that Animeblog are everywhere. Imagine that each day, there i a guy , or a girl who upload images from the latest episodes of a show that he or she watches , an this , for the happiness of fans who love to be spoiled . So, since i am bored too, i decided to do the same,or almost . i do not want to upload 36872 images per episode , is not a hobby i would like to try. I could at least put 3 or 4, or even more if needed . But i will comment what i read , watch , and find on Internet . who knows ? maybe what i write will interest you , maybe you just don’t care (in which case i doubt you’ll be here often)

PS : this place is gonna be about all those thing i watch , read and such..so if you DON’T LIKE SPOILERS , GET OUTTA HERE !
otherwise, enjoy ^^

You know , when i look back to all the nonsense i wrote up there , i realize how tired i am ( yeah , that one comment too didn’t made any sense . so now you know what to expect .)

Edit : Bah ! i fail at blogging , i think I’ll just rant for now on…but i will most likely fail at this too !


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