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Bosco Adventure – ボスコ アドベンチャ

Thanks to some individuals today , I remembered about a show I have long forgotten , yet my heart still remembers it . It’s one of my first anime series , I believe I was watching it around the age of 3 or 4 . That’s why I don’t remember much of it , expect maybe that Apricot may well have been my first love . The rest I remember would be the frog , who scared me ( see , now that is funny that a frog scared me when hoodman would be the more logical scariest thing in the show..) and the weird turtle shaped ship they traveled on.

I would write a synopsis but since i don’t remember much if anything at all , here is

sum delicious wiki link.

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toward our future


Today aired the last episode of the epic saga , TOWARD THE TERRA (TV)

Adapted from the award winning manga by Keiko Takemiya , Toward the terra(TV)  tells the story of the war between two race who longs for the planet they once destroyed , earth . The setting is in distant future , after having polluted the earth at an extreme level , the humans have decided to leave it so that it could heal , while only few selected being would have been able to set foot on it .  However , deep in the reaches of space , a new race of humans endows with psychic abilities  is born , they are called the MU . Because of their differences , humans starts persecuting them while all the MU wants is to return to Terra. And so begins the war of the Mu vs the Humans . The story follows the path of two men , Jomy Marcus Shin , leader of the MU and Keith Anyan , a Human elite who will do everything he can to get rid of the MU.

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Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations – The trailer

I just happened to found this trailer on youtube , i don’t know when it came out , looks pretty recent .

It’s going to be a 3 OVA story , so i expect them to cover the complete Tokyo Arc , which mean …KAMUI and SUBARU !!!! F’ckin’ YEAH!!!

Yes , even though I don’t like the Tsubasa anime , I am really looking forward to that part as we get to see most of the old gang from X and..the badass fight of Syaoran vs Syaoran should not be missed !

Only two month to go for the first DVD to come out !


One step closer to becoming Garlock !


Simon has finally taken the final step to become Garlock .

Yes , I believe he hasn’t reached the Garlock level yet.

Why is that ? well

  1. No Badass beast men with shade ( that everyone else was sure was Rossiu ¬_¬ )
  2. The appearance is quite a bit different for the moment . ( different belts, etc )
  3. Boota (Yes , this may be part of 1 , but we don’t know yet . )

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Anime Opening/ending news

here is the list of new openings ( for the show i watch mainly ) and endings that we shall hear anytime soon .

( all taken from ANN ) .

– Terra~e :

  • OP 2 :Jet Boy Jet Girl by Hitomi Takahashi
  • ED 2 :「This Night by CHEMISTRY

Frankly I’m not too found of CHEMISTRY , but i have only heard 3 songs of them . One being the 4th opening of Gundam Seed Destiny .

As for Hitomi Takahashi , she’s one of my favorite so I can’t wait to hear what it’s going to be like . I think she deserves more love .

– Darker Than Black

  • OP 2 : 「Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without A Name~ by An Cafe
  • ED 2 : Dreams by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR

Hum , I never heard of An Cafe (アンティック-珈琲店-) , but they seem quite..popular .

As for HandMC , They are with UVERworld my favorite Band , so once again i’m quite impatient to hear all this .

– Hayate no Gotoku

  • ED 2 : Get my way! by Mami Kawada

I think i died and i’m in Heaven , Mamki Kawada FTW ! .

I gotta say that i was expecting her to do a song for Hayate since Kotoko made the opening .

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

  • ED 2 : Beautiful Amulet by Yukari Tamura

;_; , I never was a fan of the Nanoha’s ending performed by Yukari Tamura .

Me wants a new song by Mizuki NANA !!!!!

– Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

  • ED 2 : Minna no Peace by Afromania

I have no complaints , I liked them from Ki-ba , “Very Very” was good song . Looks like Afromania wins this time slot ?

– Code Geass

well , unless you’ve been under a rock , or unless you aren’t too found of Code Geass , you’d know that episodes 24 & 25 will get a special new opening 「Hitomi no Tsubasa by Access . You can hear it on youtube .

– Naruto: Shippuden .

  • ED 2 : Michi ~to you all by aluto

hum , I so have no clue who that is O_o .

– Bleach

  • ED 12 : Daidai (橙; Bitter Orange) by chatmonchy

Yet again , and unknown person to me .

That is all i could gather for now .

I still don’t know how long Heroic Age will be , and nothing about a second opening or ending for Claymore has been announced yet .


Great news !

yes , I haven’t posted in a while , but anyway , today i bring great news .

Rosario+Vampire , the awesome manga by IKEDA Akihisa( 池田晃久 ) is going to get animated .

For those who don’t know about this title , the story is about the typical loser , Harem collector Shonen . Because no college would have accepted Tsukune Aono ,His crazy father got him to go into a strange school . In reality it is a School of Monster , where they learn how to act like humans so that they can blend into society . There he meets the cute Moka who is a vampire and the two rapidly because good friend ( she also takes a liking into drinking his blood. ) However , there is a strict law there that forbids Humans to discover about this school , and if a Human if found , he will be executed . luckily for Tsukune , when he doesn’t have to worry about Moka emptying his blood , or being executed if found , he can always count on the support of his friends .

The manga is currently still ongoing and has reached 9 Volumes so far.

It isn’t licensed in North America yet , but those who speak French can buy it at any (French) library in Canada ( for North America , yeah , that’s how awesome Canada is , we get Manga from France and the States ^^ ) .It’s license by Tonkam Edition . Volume 4 came out last month in France , so it should be in Canada by the end of this month .

you can find the more info on Manga-Updates ( yes i know you’re going to look for download link for scans. )

Source : ANN


Newtype Vote results ..

Well , it’s all across the web now , the Newtype vote results are out .

So , here is what I have to say about those result .

Warning , the following entry contains Rant , quite possibly Ultimate Spoilers ( for some ), and Things. ( basically something you should not care about ) .

Continue reading if you aren’t scared of everything cited .

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