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Bleach 289: ..Nell Tu…is…

While Ichigo is (still) getting owned by Nnoitra , Orohime is thinking about escaping and helping him , but this idea is discarded by Tesla who tell he is ordered not to harm her unless she attacks first . She then hopes that Nell can do something , but Tesla notice the missing Arrancar , and destroys every wall to make Nell out of her hiding place. That when Nnoitra notice her and say ” you’re Nell “much to everyone’s surprise .

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Bleach 271 : So…he wasn’t the #1 Espada..

So , finally , after exactly 80 chapter after his first appearance…


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could you possibly spoil more then that ?

Wow , i just saw the latest bleach opening …So many spoilers just in one opening . It’s not even a opening for the current arc , it’s basically the opening for the latest chapters of the manga , because the way i see things going , as they will catch up with the manga really soon , they must put Fillers any time soon .

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only 13 days to go

Bleach Memories of Nobody will come out in 13 days in Japanese Big Screen .

the Music you ear in the trailer is


『千の夜をこえて』 (Sen no Yoru wo Koete ) by Aqua Timez

you just can't begin to imagine how much i want to be in Japan right now .

curse you all , you people who got to see all those cool movies i wanted to see but am going to wait for the DVD to come out because i missed such great opportunities >_>

anyone nice enough to buy me a plane ticket for Tokyo ? i kinda need it ASAP . THX


Bleach chapter 218 & 219

Ichigo and his ego problem

Chapter 218 of bleach start with Ichigo confronting his hollow .

he noticed that this time , the old man wasn’t there .so he asked the hollow where Zangetsu was . the Hollow replied that ichigo was holding it/him . the answer not being enough for Ichigo , he asked again , but this time the hollow that he was zangetsu . both him and the old man are part of his spirit . Ichigo then acknowledged that if he cold defeat zangetsu ( the bad one ) , the old man could come back and ichigo could have a better control of his reiatsu . both him and Zangetsu ( the bad one ) pulled of Bankai. Continue reading ‘Bleach chapter 218 & 219’


no bleach this week

i remind you with regret and sorrow that there will be no bleach 71 this week 😦