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Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations – The trailer

I just happened to found this trailer on youtube , i don’t know when it came out , looks pretty recent .

It’s going to be a 3 OVA story , so i expect them to cover the complete Tokyo Arc , which mean …KAMUI and SUBARU !!!! F’ckin’ YEAH!!!

Yes , even though I don’t like the Tsubasa anime , I am really looking forward to that part as we get to see most of the old gang from X and..the badass fight of Syaoran vs Syaoran should not be missed !

Only two month to go for the first DVD to come out !


TRC 148/This week on CLAMP : OMFGWTFBBQ !

I interrupt this brief program to say :

OMFGWTFBBQ , yes , that resume perfectly my reaction after reading the latest chapter of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles . CLAMP already surprised me when the real Syaoran appeared and fought against the Clone one . Of all the thing that could have happened , this was somewhat…expectable .

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