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Kidou Senshi Gundam Z ~ a new translation : koibitotachi

edit : MEzimages is down , along with the screencaps ;_; .


Hébergement gratuit avec for the title name i wanted to say something fancy…is that crime ?
anyway , here is Gundam Z the movie II ( better ? )


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A Sad Gundam-tard

I’m a Gundam tard…a real Gundam-tard …..but more especially a Gundam Game-tard

and..frankly..i think i almost had no intention of buying the PS3 …until…they announced it…

yea..they had to >_>…they had to announce…” Gundam Crossfire ” .

i was left with no other choice but to get the game ….i had to , don’t ask why , i just had to .

Unfortunately for me , i do not posses the required money to acquire the machine Sony made  😦

And the one sad destiny given to Gundam Games in north America is to be..Not popular , and because of that , they only release a few ones here…

As a result , i ran to the first Video Game store and got my copy of the said game .

now all i need is the actual console to play the game …




click on read more to see some images

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finally , a gundam movie after a so long wait !

it is official , Sunrice has announced the production of a Gundam seed Movie . it is said to be the first Gundam movie since Gundam F91 which was 15 years ago .

it’s not to be missed

source : gunota Headline


no fresh new at all ..

well as usual , i’m going to talk about nothing that is fresh new at all ( unless you do not have internet at home )( yeah Frank , that’s you ). So everyone knows it by now , there is going to be a new gundam seed sequel / or spinoff if you want … the story is going to take place in C.E 73 and the main Character ”Sven Cal Bayan” is to pilot a gundam called ”Strike Noir” and is part of the Phantom Pain ( Neo’s team ) . So , he is a Natural and as a huge grudge against Coordinators .
it is going to be an ONA , and the web site opens the 10th of april
it will olny last 3 episodes and each episode is to be 15 min long.

but do not worry you die hard gundam fans , there is a ligh of hope for a new gundam serie to celebrate the 30 years of gundam .