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The joys of being internet less ;_;

so , Once again, there haven’t been updates for quite some weeks , but this time , there is a good reason for that , it’s not that I was lazy , not at all , it’s just that my ISP screwed up at lot concerning giving me internet at H2 ( if you don’t know what H2 means , it’s not important . ) , So , basically , ever since my last update , I was cut away , from Internet ;_; . It just arrived yesterday.

And it’s incredible how much can happen in just two weeks , my new image host , had the time to go down , lose all my uploaded images files , fuse with some other host , and come back again . Sad thing is i don’t know if i kept any of the pictures , and knowing me the way I do , I am pretty much sure they all vanished somewhere on the interweb …in the mean time i guess.

It’s going to have to wait until I get my other computer back from H1 .

So , because I feel like it , here is 3 of my favorite tracks from the “Toward the Terra” Soundtrack .

Aoi Hoshi

Shiroki Kuuro

[Audio] .

Also , there is a new theme out , i may change of theme again…