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Otakuthon 2007 : Pre-registration now open .

Well , I do believe the title says it all .

the Pre-Registration for Otakuthon 2007 is open . Go to :

this time it’s paying because Concordia didn’t give the needed locals .

Otakuthon 2006 was my first anime convention and it was also the first Montreal Anime convention .

Needless to say I’m quite exited to go back already as i really enjoyed it last year ( even though my friend wasn’t impressed much ) .

Sure it isn’t AnimeNorth , but hey , at least we got on in Montreal , so we shan’t complain !

that is all . ( Seems like I wrote a lot today ) .


Newtype Vote results ..

Well , it’s all across the web now , the Newtype vote results are out .

So , here is what I have to say about those result .

Warning , the following entry contains Rant , quite possibly Ultimate Spoilers ( for some ), and Things. ( basically something you should not care about ) .

Continue reading if you aren’t scared of everything cited .

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Awesome TV moment

yup , awesome tv moment …

makes me wonder what the DVD version will look like .


And the system wins again

i have fallen to the temptation
i just took a wordpress blog
so long Blogger , hello wordpress

and they answered ” Welcome to the Dark Side young apprentice ”

and i was like ” WTF ” ” d00D ”

curse my weakness.

wait..why did i even do that ?


what’s fresh ?

so , a new month has begun , some spoilers for some series have spread , some others good or bad news as well .
So , what’s fresh ?
– well , Gunota updated a bit about the gundam movie

Posters on 2ch point out that Houko Kuwashima’s diary on SEED Club’s cellphone site says Stellar appears in the SEED movie. It’s not clarified in what capacity the character appears though at this early stage, speculation favors a memory scene.

So i guess that , either means we go back to Shin’s angtsy mode , either when they mass produced the destroy , so they did with Stellar 😛

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4 simple reason of” why Haruhi is bad for you’re mental health

The melancholy of suzumiya haruhi , or Suzumiya Haruhi no yuutsu , (whatever , it’s the same thing anyway) is The popular anime of this 2006 spring . with a Rank of 2 on ANN top 10 anime and a total of 15498 episodes , a cute main character

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no fresh new at all ..

well as usual , i’m going to talk about nothing that is fresh new at all ( unless you do not have internet at home )( yeah Frank , that’s you ). So everyone knows it by now , there is going to be a new gundam seed sequel / or spinoff if you want … the story is going to take place in C.E 73 and the main Character ”Sven Cal Bayan” is to pilot a gundam called ”Strike Noir” and is part of the Phantom Pain ( Neo’s team ) . So , he is a Natural and as a huge grudge against Coordinators .
it is going to be an ONA , and the web site opens the 10th of april
it will olny last 3 episodes and each episode is to be 15 min long.

but do not worry you die hard gundam fans , there is a ligh of hope for a new gundam serie to celebrate the 30 years of gundam .