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So..Naruto’s father is… ( a.k.a : OMG , AN UPDATE O_o )

Yondaime Hokage , Namikaze Minamoto .

…so…What else is new ? like we hadn’t figured it out already . I mean…it was pretty obvious. You just don’t decide to put a Demon Fox into the first baby born you see . He could have put Kyuubi inside him like Sandaime put the first and Second inside him …I guess that was his way of showing his love to his son by giving him some help..of some sort . Hey Kishimoto , how about you tell us something new for a change…..and Quit having chapter focused on Sasuke , he sucks . There I said it .

I guess we can say the real new news is the name of Naruto’s mother , which is Uzumaki Kushina . Now why does Naruto has his mother’s name ? beats me…

Funny thing is that one of the Naruto’s old opening was called ” namikaze satellite ” , was Yondaime named after that song ? …or that song named after Yondaime ….who knows ? I don’t that’s for sure .

…OH right…and..Jiraya has a death tag hanging around his neck , and to think all this time I tought he was behind the Akatsuki when all along it was Tobi , who isn’t Obito btw , but Madara Uchiwa…..but then again , for all i know , Madara could have been Obito…or Obito could have been Madara…..yet that’s crazy talk .

And seems like we also know who’s gonna be Rokudaime ( or the 6th if you prefer ) ….Kakashi since Jiraya seems to say it’s a given he is a good person to be in charge of the Village. I guess Naruto can be Nanadaime…..but that sounds just so ugly XD.

PS : yes , I know I haven’t written anything in month , sorry i was too busy being lazy . Moar update to come…someday .


R.I.P Naruto : Naruto Shippuden Movie trailer

it's been on the Net for someday , I however only saw it today .

From the look of hit ,our favorite Yellow haired ninja kicks the bucket .

But , we all know he ain't dead and will kick the bad guy ass 'tebayo

Believe it !


‘Bout time !

yea , i think it’s pretty much now safe to say : FINALLY ! * insert tears of joy here *

the Naruto fillers END is comming !

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naruto – the end of the fillers ?

hum , it was over the web for quite some times now , the announcement that Kakashi Gaiden was it ? frankly , i have no damn clue . Episode 182 title is : Saikai, Nokosareta Jikan .
Some hours ago it was translated by : Meeting again, it’s time to leave. thus making fans hope that the fillers would end since it can make one think naruto is finally leaving to train with jiraya for a 3 years period .
however , the title translation just changed over ANN for : Reunion, The leftover time…..can make one wonder….and..wonder…and wonder again…. but next to the title it’s says “The last filler (unconfirmed) ” @_@ , makes you wonder again

to be continued….


Naruto chapter 298 to 300

yup , naruto as reached the 300 chapters .

Naruto foolness , Naruto’s weakness , Sasuke’s come back

chapter 298

Yamato’s clone is witnessing Sai’s betrayal . Far from the scene , naruto wake’s up and sees all the destruction around him and wanders where orochimaru is and what happened here . Sakura not wanting to worry Naruto tells him that Orochimaru hit him and he felt unconscious , and that all the destruction his orochimaru’s doing . Naruto gets frustrated for not “having done anything”. Continue reading ‘Naruto chapter 298 to 300’