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Bosco Adventure – ボスコ アドベンチャ

Thanks to some individuals today , I remembered about a show I have long forgotten , yet my heart still remembers it . It’s one of my first anime series , I believe I was watching it around the age of 3 or 4 . That’s why I don’t remember much of it , expect maybe that Apricot may well have been my first love . The rest I remember would be the frog , who scared me ( see , now that is funny that a frog scared me when hoodman would be the more logical scariest thing in the show..) and the weird turtle shaped ship they traveled on.

I would write a synopsis but since i don’t remember much if anything at all , here is

sum delicious wiki link.

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Anime Opening/ending news

here is the list of new openings ( for the show i watch mainly ) and endings that we shall hear anytime soon .

( all taken from ANN ) .

– Terra~e :

  • OP 2 :Jet Boy Jet Girl by Hitomi Takahashi
  • ED 2 :「This Night by CHEMISTRY

Frankly I’m not too found of CHEMISTRY , but i have only heard 3 songs of them . One being the 4th opening of Gundam Seed Destiny .

As for Hitomi Takahashi , she’s one of my favorite so I can’t wait to hear what it’s going to be like . I think she deserves more love .

– Darker Than Black

  • OP 2 : 「Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without A Name~ by An Cafe
  • ED 2 : Dreams by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR

Hum , I never heard of An Cafe (アンティック-珈琲店-) , but they seem quite..popular .

As for HandMC , They are with UVERworld my favorite Band , so once again i’m quite impatient to hear all this .

– Hayate no Gotoku

  • ED 2 : Get my way! by Mami Kawada

I think i died and i’m in Heaven , Mamki Kawada FTW ! .

I gotta say that i was expecting her to do a song for Hayate since Kotoko made the opening .

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

  • ED 2 : Beautiful Amulet by Yukari Tamura

;_; , I never was a fan of the Nanoha’s ending performed by Yukari Tamura .

Me wants a new song by Mizuki NANA !!!!!

– Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

  • ED 2 : Minna no Peace by Afromania

I have no complaints , I liked them from Ki-ba , “Very Very” was good song . Looks like Afromania wins this time slot ?

– Code Geass

well , unless you’ve been under a rock , or unless you aren’t too found of Code Geass , you’d know that episodes 24 & 25 will get a special new opening 「Hitomi no Tsubasa by Access . You can hear it on youtube .

– Naruto: Shippuden .

  • ED 2 : Michi ~to you all by aluto

hum , I so have no clue who that is O_o .

– Bleach

  • ED 12 : Daidai (橙; Bitter Orange) by chatmonchy

Yet again , and unknown person to me .

That is all i could gather for now .

I still don’t know how long Heroic Age will be , and nothing about a second opening or ending for Claymore has been announced yet .


DOES – 修羅 (Shura) PV

The PV for Shura , the 5th Gintama ending , and one of the best ending so far .

This is a Great song for a not too well known group , but I believe that may be due to the fact that they are still Indie .

Someone hurry up and sign them so they can make moar awesome music .

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Shining Tears – Shining Tears Opening

Honestly ,This anime is crap( Shining tears X Wind ) ….well so far , that’s what i see . But i guess I’ll give it a shot..until episode 4 because I happen to love the opening which happen to be the same opening as the PS2 game Shining Tears , and it also happen to be Taka TONY

It wasn’t that hard to find this opening in question , but it’s kind of scattered trough the net , so I’ll just put it here..just in case you happen to Google it here .

You can listen

you can also

Download the single ( with one track missing though…but with a bonus ) Here , or grab the Torrent ( i fail at torrenting )

Also , i am missing the 4th track of the single ( Hikari no Silhouette off vocal ) but i don’t think it’s a great loss .

If you have it and would like to share it , you can always leave a comment .

edit : looks like [Lone] release a version of the real single , grab the torrent here


could you possibly spoil more then that ?

Wow , i just saw the latest bleach opening …So many spoilers just in one opening . It’s not even a opening for the current arc , it’s basically the opening for the latest chapters of the manga , because the way i see things going , as they will catch up with the manga really soon , they must put Fillers any time soon .

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