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And so it ended , Suzuka : 2004 – 2007

That’s right , As of the latest issue of Shonen Magazine , 3 years later , Suzuka , which ran from the 3rd March 2004 to the 21th September 2007 finally reached an end.


For those who have only seen the anime , it may have ended a long time ago , but for those who followed the manga it was quite a run .

Suzuka , tells the story of a young boy named Yamato Akitsuki and a girl named Asahina Suzuka ( pretty original right?) , Akitsuki Yamato decided to go to Tokyo to pursues his studies , there it is arranged that he will lodge at his aunt Apartment complex. However before going there , he drops by his new school and that’s where he will meet Suzuka . The young Yamato is then struck by what they call love at first sight. And what greater odds for him , she happens to live in the apartments next door .

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So..Naruto’s father is… ( a.k.a : OMG , AN UPDATE O_o )

Yondaime Hokage , Namikaze Minamoto .

…so…What else is new ? like we hadn’t figured it out already . I mean…it was pretty obvious. You just don’t decide to put a Demon Fox into the first baby born you see . He could have put Kyuubi inside him like Sandaime put the first and Second inside him …I guess that was his way of showing his love to his son by giving him some help..of some sort . Hey Kishimoto , how about you tell us something new for a change…..and Quit having chapter focused on Sasuke , he sucks . There I said it .

I guess we can say the real new news is the name of Naruto’s mother , which is Uzumaki Kushina . Now why does Naruto has his mother’s name ? beats me…

Funny thing is that one of the Naruto’s old opening was called ” namikaze satellite ” , was Yondaime named after that song ? …or that song named after Yondaime ….who knows ? I don’t that’s for sure .

…OH right…and..Jiraya has a death tag hanging around his neck , and to think all this time I tought he was behind the Akatsuki when all along it was Tobi , who isn’t Obito btw , but Madara Uchiwa…..but then again , for all i know , Madara could have been Obito…or Obito could have been Madara…..yet that’s crazy talk .

And seems like we also know who’s gonna be Rokudaime ( or the 6th if you prefer ) ….Kakashi since Jiraya seems to say it’s a given he is a good person to be in charge of the Village. I guess Naruto can be Nanadaime…..but that sounds just so ugly XD.

PS : yes , I know I haven’t written anything in month , sorry i was too busy being lazy . Moar update to come…someday .


The Cross Triangle

I have a problem . I’m a Compulsive Buyer . When i have money in my hand , I must go my favorite book store and buy Manga .

Of course , when i go there I only plan on picking 1 manga , but i end up leaving with generally more then 3 , depending on how much money I have .

Unfortunately ( or luckily ? ) for me , I happened to have received money Tuesday , so yesterday i went to the the book store and that’s when i see “The Cross Triangle ” ( along with Kekkaishi 8 and GetBackers 21 T_T ) .

The first thought that cross my mind when i saw the cover was ” wtf , is this..Himeko O_o ?! . Kannazuki made it here ? O_o . Damn them , i can’t believe those idiot renamed “kannazuki no Miko ” into “the cross triangle ” , because after all , these idiot did translate “bokura ga ita ” into “c’etait nous ” ( in English , “it was us ” ) . And by these idiot’s , i’m of course talking about Vegeta Manga Shoten/Soleil .

And the way the manga begun didn’t help me into thinking it wasn’t Kannazuki , but as I went to the last page to see if there was the YFR , i realized it was another manga .

Actually , The Cross Triangle was made two years before Kannazuki , and is a one-shot manga . But you can could consider it Kannazuki’s parent as you can see that Kannazuki was loosely inspired of this story .

now on to the review .

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Newtype Vote results ..

Well , it’s all across the web now , the Newtype vote results are out .

So , here is what I have to say about those result .

Warning , the following entry contains Rant , quite possibly Ultimate Spoilers ( for some ), and Things. ( basically something you should not care about ) .

Continue reading if you aren’t scared of everything cited .

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Damn !


i just got own’d by my old Image host Mezimages . Apparently , they got too popular , so they decided to make some maintenance . Result , all the images i had there are lost . IN other words , all the screencaps i took for Gundam Zeta ~ a new translation II are lost somewhere in the intarweb ;_; .

yea…it had to happen to my first ( looks like it was the only one too ) anime review .

apparently , everything is back now . >_>

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