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toward our future


Today aired the last episode of the epic saga , TOWARD THE TERRA (TV)

Adapted from the award winning manga by Keiko Takemiya , Toward the terra(TV)  tells the story of the war between two race who longs for the planet they once destroyed , earth . The setting is in distant future , after having polluted the earth at an extreme level , the humans have decided to leave it so that it could heal , while only few selected being would have been able to set foot on it .  However , deep in the reaches of space , a new race of humans endows with psychic abilities  is born , they are called the MU . Because of their differences , humans starts persecuting them while all the MU wants is to return to Terra. And so begins the war of the Mu vs the Humans . The story follows the path of two men , Jomy Marcus Shin , leader of the MU and Keith Anyan , a Human elite who will do everything he can to get rid of the MU.

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And so it ended , Suzuka : 2004 – 2007

That’s right , As of the latest issue of Shonen Magazine , 3 years later , Suzuka , which ran from the 3rd March 2004 to the 21th September 2007 finally reached an end.


For those who have only seen the anime , it may have ended a long time ago , but for those who followed the manga it was quite a run .

Suzuka , tells the story of a young boy named Yamato Akitsuki and a girl named Asahina Suzuka ( pretty original right?) , Akitsuki Yamato decided to go to Tokyo to pursues his studies , there it is arranged that he will lodge at his aunt Apartment complex. However before going there , he drops by his new school and that’s where he will meet Suzuka . The young Yamato is then struck by what they call love at first sight. And what greater odds for him , she happens to live in the apartments next door .

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The Cross Triangle

I have a problem . I’m a Compulsive Buyer . When i have money in my hand , I must go my favorite book store and buy Manga .

Of course , when i go there I only plan on picking 1 manga , but i end up leaving with generally more then 3 , depending on how much money I have .

Unfortunately ( or luckily ? ) for me , I happened to have received money Tuesday , so yesterday i went to the the book store and that’s when i see “The Cross Triangle ” ( along with Kekkaishi 8 and GetBackers 21 T_T ) .

The first thought that cross my mind when i saw the cover was ” wtf , is this..Himeko O_o ?! . Kannazuki made it here ? O_o . Damn them , i can’t believe those idiot renamed “kannazuki no Miko ” into “the cross triangle ” , because after all , these idiot did translate “bokura ga ita ” into “c’etait nous ” ( in English , “it was us ” ) . And by these idiot’s , i’m of course talking about Vegeta Manga Shoten/Soleil .

And the way the manga begun didn’t help me into thinking it wasn’t Kannazuki , but as I went to the last page to see if there was the YFR , i realized it was another manga .

Actually , The Cross Triangle was made two years before Kannazuki , and is a one-shot manga . But you can could consider it Kannazuki’s parent as you can see that Kannazuki was loosely inspired of this story .

now on to the review .

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