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Great news !

yes , I haven’t posted in a while , but anyway , today i bring great news .

Rosario+Vampire , the awesome manga by IKEDA Akihisa( 池田晃久 ) is going to get animated .

For those who don’t know about this title , the story is about the typical loser , Harem collector Shonen . Because no college would have accepted Tsukune Aono ,His crazy father got him to go into a strange school . In reality it is a School of Monster , where they learn how to act like humans so that they can blend into society . There he meets the cute Moka who is a vampire and the two rapidly because good friend ( she also takes a liking into drinking his blood. ) However , there is a strict law there that forbids Humans to discover about this school , and if a Human if found , he will be executed . luckily for Tsukune , when he doesn’t have to worry about Moka emptying his blood , or being executed if found , he can always count on the support of his friends .

The manga is currently still ongoing and has reached 9 Volumes so far.

It isn’t licensed in North America yet , but those who speak French can buy it at any (French) library in Canada ( for North America , yeah , that’s how awesome Canada is , we get Manga from France and the States ^^ ) .It’s license by Tonkam Edition . Volume 4 came out last month in France , so it should be in Canada by the end of this month .

you can find the more info on Manga-Updates ( yes i know you’re going to look for download link for scans. )

Source : ANN