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The lost Canvas 34 : And so departs the virgo..

In order to defeated the Sylph , Asmita used an attack ( i can’t read the name ) that lead him to his own death .


That’s two down , eight more to go wii…Go specter ! Go Hades

Asmita departure marks the second Gold saint death , and leaves only ten remaining . Since Dhokko and Sion are the only saint that survived this holy war that means , eight gold saint will die , along with all the Bronze and Silver saint .

I suppose Tenma will die facing Aaron(/Alone ) while protecting Sasha , probably the same way Seiya died protecting Saori , a.k.a getting impaled by Hades sword . I expect a lot of massacre to ensue in the next chapters . ^^

Oh yea…i still don’t recognize “Tenkai Hen”..and i NEVER WILL ! Seiya is dead !!!! not in wheelchair ! >_>