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toward our future


Today aired the last episode of the epic saga , TOWARD THE TERRA (TV)

Adapted from the award winning manga by Keiko Takemiya , Toward the terra(TV)  tells the story of the war between two race who longs for the planet they once destroyed , earth . The setting is in distant future , after having polluted the earth at an extreme level , the humans have decided to leave it so that it could heal , while only few selected being would have been able to set foot on it .  However , deep in the reaches of space , a new race of humans endows with psychic abilities  is born , they are called the MU . Because of their differences , humans starts persecuting them while all the MU wants is to return to Terra. And so begins the war of the Mu vs the Humans . The story follows the path of two men , Jomy Marcus Shin , leader of the MU and Keith Anyan , a Human elite who will do everything he can to get rid of the MU.

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