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One step closer to becoming Garlock !


Simon has finally taken the final step to become Garlock .

Yes , I believe he hasn’t reached the Garlock level yet.

Why is that ? well

  1. No Badass beast men with shade ( that everyone else was sure was Rossiu ¬_¬ )
  2. The appearance is quite a bit different for the moment . ( different belts, etc )
  3. Boota (Yes , this may be part of 1 , but we don’t know yet . )

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Bleach 289: ..Nell Tu…is…

While Ichigo is (still) getting owned by Nnoitra , Orohime is thinking about escaping and helping him , but this idea is discarded by Tesla who tell he is ordered not to harm her unless she attacks first . She then hopes that Nell can do something , but Tesla notice the missing Arrancar , and destroys every wall to make Nell out of her hiding place. That when Nnoitra notice her and say ” you’re Nell “much to everyone’s surprise .

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HunterXHunter is back !!! (well almost.)

According to Ultimatum (via ANN ) , Yoshihiro TOGASHI is going to resume serializing Hunter X Hunter in the weekly shonen jump starting from 6th October .

I am quite glad this awesome series is going to resume , the funny thing is that i was talking about it the other day.

Rumor has it that Togashi was busy playing pachinko , hence why the manga was on Hiatus .

And talking about Hiatus , Katsura HOSHINO is putting D.gray-man in Hiatus for the 5 next issues of Shonen jump to illness. It’s the third time this happens , i’m almost worried :S


Negima chapter 186 : AVADA KEDAVRA !(not)

After succesfully traveling to the Magic country, Negi is being told that 4 unauthorized people have tagged along.

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So..Naruto’s father is… ( a.k.a : OMG , AN UPDATE O_o )

Yondaime Hokage , Namikaze Minamoto .

…so…What else is new ? like we hadn’t figured it out already . I mean…it was pretty obvious. You just don’t decide to put a Demon Fox into the first baby born you see . He could have put Kyuubi inside him like Sandaime put the first and Second inside him …I guess that was his way of showing his love to his son by giving him some help..of some sort . Hey Kishimoto , how about you tell us something new for a change…..and Quit having chapter focused on Sasuke , he sucks . There I said it .

I guess we can say the real new news is the name of Naruto’s mother , which is Uzumaki Kushina . Now why does Naruto has his mother’s name ? beats me…

Funny thing is that one of the Naruto’s old opening was called ” namikaze satellite ” , was Yondaime named after that song ? …or that song named after Yondaime ….who knows ? I don’t that’s for sure .

…OH right…and..Jiraya has a death tag hanging around his neck , and to think all this time I tought he was behind the Akatsuki when all along it was Tobi , who isn’t Obito btw , but Madara Uchiwa…..but then again , for all i know , Madara could have been Obito…or Obito could have been Madara…..yet that’s crazy talk .

And seems like we also know who’s gonna be Rokudaime ( or the 6th if you prefer ) ….Kakashi since Jiraya seems to say it’s a given he is a good person to be in charge of the Village. I guess Naruto can be Nanadaime…..but that sounds just so ugly XD.

PS : yes , I know I haven’t written anything in month , sorry i was too busy being lazy . Moar update to come…someday .


Baka-Ribbon can dance !!!! ( even sing ! )

7 random video of our dear Amami Haruka , (a.k.a Baka-Ribbon ) Singing and Dancing in the original Idolm@ster game .

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Anime Opening/ending news

here is the list of new openings ( for the show i watch mainly ) and endings that we shall hear anytime soon .

( all taken from ANN ) .

– Terra~e :

  • OP 2 :Jet Boy Jet Girl by Hitomi Takahashi
  • ED 2 :「This Night by CHEMISTRY

Frankly I’m not too found of CHEMISTRY , but i have only heard 3 songs of them . One being the 4th opening of Gundam Seed Destiny .

As for Hitomi Takahashi , she’s one of my favorite so I can’t wait to hear what it’s going to be like . I think she deserves more love .

– Darker Than Black

  • OP 2 : 「Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without A Name~ by An Cafe
  • ED 2 : Dreams by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR

Hum , I never heard of An Cafe (アンティック-珈琲店-) , but they seem quite..popular .

As for HandMC , They are with UVERworld my favorite Band , so once again i’m quite impatient to hear all this .

– Hayate no Gotoku

  • ED 2 : Get my way! by Mami Kawada

I think i died and i’m in Heaven , Mamki Kawada FTW ! .

I gotta say that i was expecting her to do a song for Hayate since Kotoko made the opening .

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

  • ED 2 : Beautiful Amulet by Yukari Tamura

;_; , I never was a fan of the Nanoha’s ending performed by Yukari Tamura .

Me wants a new song by Mizuki NANA !!!!!

– Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

  • ED 2 : Minna no Peace by Afromania

I have no complaints , I liked them from Ki-ba , “Very Very” was good song . Looks like Afromania wins this time slot ?

– Code Geass

well , unless you’ve been under a rock , or unless you aren’t too found of Code Geass , you’d know that episodes 24 & 25 will get a special new opening 「Hitomi no Tsubasa by Access . You can hear it on youtube .

– Naruto: Shippuden .

  • ED 2 : Michi ~to you all by aluto

hum , I so have no clue who that is O_o .

– Bleach

  • ED 12 : Daidai (橙; Bitter Orange) by chatmonchy

Yet again , and unknown person to me .

That is all i could gather for now .

I still don’t know how long Heroic Age will be , and nothing about a second opening or ending for Claymore has been announced yet .

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